Site Visit: Malaysia International Shoe Exhibition

Spoiler: We plan to start our new batch of high heel shoes soon. Always visit our blogshop and STAY TUNED!

Malaysia International Shoe Exhibition was held on 2nd April- 4th April in PWTC in Kuala Lumpur. Luckily we managed to visit the exhibition on the first day.

This looks really classy with the touch of lace. Brilliant.

It is rather a loud design that you possibly will not be looking at the street.

This master piece really caught my attention. Stud is among of the "YES" factors in shoe arena.

We really love this. Great combination of platform, peep toe, and suede.

Nice but the height, not for our liking.

This was the first time that an exhibition on shoes was held in Malaysia as part of the initiative by Tourism Malaysia to promote Malaysia to the world.

Peacock-inspired. Bill Keith has done it perfectly.

Alright, below are the selected designs for current favourites. ours to be exact.


We always love peep toes. Salute to Guess.

This is from Christian Dior. Super super nice. We went ga-ga. We just can't stop staring at it. Like seriously.

Chain - Chanel.

And not to forget, Sergio Rossi. *Tears welling* Superb!
It was a fun experience indeed!


Much love!