Jun Gong Detox Foot Patch on Sale Now!

Do you have any of these problems:

* Fatigueness
* Allergies (e.g. Asthma and other allergies)
* High blood pressure
* Arthritis or joint pains
* Water retention
* Low immune system
* Smelly Foot

Then Detox Foot Patch is your solution!

What is Detox Foot Patch?

Detox Foot Patch is used to remove toxins from the body naturally and promote a stronger immune system using reflexology and acupressure based on chinese principle, that has been used for over 1000 years.

Detox pads contain an all natural combination of wood vinegar, bamboo vinegar, chitosan, dokudami, loquat leaf, vitamin c,vegatable fiber, tourmaline, & dextrin. Simply apply the detox patches to the bottoms of your feet, before you go to bed.

Detox Foot Patch helps to recover from fatigue, soothe headaches, beautify skin and many aspect to improve our daily health. By applying the Foot Patch on the bottom of both feet before sleep, and let it detox the unwanted toxin during sleeping hours until the next morning. We recommend to allow the Detox Foot Patch attached on both feet for a minimum of 6 hours to 8 hours for best result.

Function and the benefits:

* Natural cleansing
* Absorb toxins released by the body
* Alleviate minor pain in the body
* Relieve burden on immune system
* Support normal blood circulation
* Help reduce swelling in the body
* Improve quality sleep
* Promote vibrant health wellness

Product Information:

Brand: Jun Gong
Trademark: Jun Zhi Gong
Origin: guangdong
Standard: 10 patch/set
How to apply Detox Foot Patch:


* Apply detox foot patch before bedtime. Leave on at least 8-10 hours (12 hours for maximum efficiency). Apply 1 patch of each feet.
* Continue to use for a minimum of 30 days or until discoloration subsides.
* When used patches show sign of lightening, apply once or twice a week for maintenance.

1 Set : 10 pcs : RM 15.00 (can use for 5 nights)
More than 10 pcs : RM 1.50 / pcs
1-9 pcs : RM2.00/pcs
Postage: RM 3.50 ( for 1 set or less than 10 pcs), RM 5.00 for poslaju and bulk order.

Try it for one day, you will see toxin from your body discharged the next day!
Use one patch for each foot every day.

Warning: Not suitable for children and pregnant women

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